Digital and Public History Projects

Mapping the Mexican Midwest

Mapping the Mexican Midwest,” which launched in February 2021, visualizes early-twentieth century Midwestern Mexican institutions, cultural celebrations, and networks. “Mapping the Mexican Midwest” makes clear the importance of mobility to community formation, while emphasizing to the public that dynamic Latinx communities have long viewed the Midwest as their home.

Dartmouth Digital History Initiative

I am the project manager for the Dartmouth Digital History Initiative (DDHI), which seeks to create an open-source toolkit that makes oral histories more searchable and accessible. My work includes encoding transcripts with the Text Encoding Initiative, training others to use TEI, building metadata infrastructure, and producing data visualizations with JavaScript libraries such as Leaflet.

Dartmouth Vietnam Project

I am associate director of the Dartmouth Vietnam Project, a student-centered oral history project that interviews members of the Dartmouth/Upper Valley community with experiences of the Vietnam War era. As associate director I have trained students in the methods and practices of oral history. I also assist in the design and build of our new digital exhibit, which we expect to launch in early 2021.